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DSLR Viewfinder POV

Camera POV templates for DSLR and Video cameras

Here are two simple Camera Point-of-View templates. Both of them free! Use the DSLR one (made by me) to simulate the viewfinder of a DSLR camera. Use the other one (generously contributed by Immanuel Heims) to simulate a Video Camera viewfinder.

Notepad paper and image

Notepad Paper Template Project for Premiere Pro CC

This Premiere Pro CC template enables you to quickly put an image and a text onto the board. Provide your own photo – the rest is included. Everything (yes, I mean everything) except the texture and the photo was created from scratch in Premiere. That includes the notepad paper and the push pin, the shadows, the crimps and the image frame. And it’s free!

Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro

PDF chapter on Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro

Finally, the fourth chapter from The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro is ready for download! Using the techniques explained in this chapter will let you stay within Premiere Pro and still create professional looking motion graphics! Download the PDF file below and learn everything about Lower Thirds, End Credits, Rolling Titles, Pincture-in-Picture, Animated Travel Routes, [...]

A collection of useful Premiere Pro Titles

Premiere Pro Title Collection

Here’s a useful collection of Premiere Pro Titles. You get three Lower Thirds templates, an End Credit template, a collection of special characters that you can copy/paste into other titles, a Push Pin (!), an empty title with Arial font at 40 px that you can set as your default title and a subtitle template with a clever bounding box.

Cover Flow in Premiere Pro

Cover Flow Template for Premiere Pro CC

This template enables you to quickly make a cover flow sequence in Premiere Pro CC, and easily edit it. It’s as simple as putting your source videos in the source timelines. Then go to the main timeline and play, render or export. Now you can create cool cover flow sequences in a couple of minutes, entirely inside Premiere Pro, using built-in effects only. No third party plugins! Download it from

Comic Strip animation in Premiere

Comic Book animation in 3D

With this free Premiere Pro CC template project you can substitute the video clips for your own material, and create this animation in seconds. Made entirely inside of Premiere Pro CC using built-in effects only.

Accelerated Workflow in Premiere Pro

PDF-chapter on Accelerated Workflow in Premiere Pro

This chapter is for all you lazy, smart and busy editors out there! And for the editors who’d like to earn some money on their editing! Due to ever-decreasing budgets, tight deadlines and quick turnaround we need to complete projects faster and speed up our creative timeline with time-saving techniques.

Of all the chapters, this is probably the most unsexy one. But the time you save on accelerating your workflow can be used to create a lot more fun stuff in your film – or just help you get home for dinner, which is also cool!

Star Wars Text

Star Wars Text

Here’s a fun project template that mimics the iconic Star Wars opening titles. Just edit the text, and you’re good to go!

Video Reflection

Video Reflection

With this cool Premiere Pro template project, you can create the popular video reflection look in mere seconds!