The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro

The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro

The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro deals with advanced editing techniques to help you make better films. You’ll learn techniques to speed up your workflow dramatically, doing more work, faster, with better looking results. Reading this book, you’ll understand how to edit fast, and do compositing and motion graphics design in Premiere.

One chapter deals with core editing techniques used by professionals in their daily work. A huge chapter covers advanced Color Grading inside of Premiere. There are also chapters on Audio Editing, Motion Graphics and Compositing. Advanced topics like multi-channel Audio editing and export, Multi-Camera editing and Dual System Sound editing are of course covered in great detail. Here’s a list of chapters:


  • Accelerated Workflow
  • Audio in Premiere
  • Color Grading in Premiere
  • Graphics in motion
  • Compositing in Premiere
  • Editing tips & techniques
  • Customizing Premiere
  • Integration with Adobe software
  • Export

You can Download a PDF with the full Table of Content here.

The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro
Advanced editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro. eBook (Watermarked PDF file). More than 600 pages with more than 2.200 images, illustrations and screen shots.


Premiere Pro template projects and custom presets

Workflow enhancements like Premiere Pro template projects and custom presets are used extensively throughout the book, and you’ll learn how to make your own, and why you should use them.

Integration with Adobe Production Premium

There is a chapter where Dynamic Link to After Effects is used for improved effectiveness, Photoshop is used for pretty advanced video stuff and Audition for audio clean-up. Direct Link to SpeedGrade is also covered of course. But most of the time, Premiere Pro can do the job all by itself.

Not for beginners

You’re supposed to know the basics of Premiere Pro before you dive into this book.

Expected release date for Printed version

For now, the book is only available as a PDF e-book. A printed version will be available shortly after the 2015 releases of Premiere. Adobe has a habit of releasing big updates at the NAB show in April and the IBC show in September, so it seems like a bad idea to release a printed book now. I’ll wait and see what new features the team comes up with before printing the book on dead trees.

The PDF version can easily be updated, and customers who buy the PDF version now can get a cheap update when it is updated to cover the next release.


  • What devices can I read this PDF e-book on?
    • You can read it on Mac, PC, iPad and other tablets, smart phones. Read more on how to copy the PDF to those devices below.
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Available PDF chapters (obsolete)

Sample Chapters are available, but please note that these are not updated to cover the latest version. They cover whatever version was current when they were released. The chapters in the book are of course all covering the 2014.2 version of Premiere – the current one. They are also expanded quite a bit since they were first released.

ISBN and EAN codes

If you want to use this book in the curriculum at a school or university, you will need the ISBN numbers and such. Here you go!

Jarle Leirpoll Publishing – Elverum, Norway – 2015.
The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro, by Jarle Leirpoll
611 pages.

PDF version: ISBN 978-82-993648-7-4
Printed version: ISBN 978-82-993648-8-1

Cool Stuff EAN PDF version

Cool Stuff EAN PDF version

Cool Stuff EAN Printed version

Cool Stuff EAN Printed version

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The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro
Advanced editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro. eBook (Watermarked PDF file). More than 600 pages with more than 2.200 images, illustrations and screen shots.


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