Card in Mousetrap

Jarle Leirpoll’s Card in Mousetrap

Card in Mousetrap, coverA spectator signs a freely selected card and draws a mouse on its face. She shuffles the cards, while you present the mousetrap.

You  place the armed trap on her outstretched hand, and stroking one card at a time over the trap, you wait for the trap to go off. Of course, the card that is caught is the signed card with the mouse drawing! Use your own deck and pen.

This trick has it all!

Comedy, Suspense, Audience Participation. Happens in their hands. Can be done close-up, stand-up or on stage. Packs small – plays big. A very, very commercial routine. And sooo easy to do.

You can also lay the trap on the table, and no fingers will get caught! Not as much fun, though.

Provide your own trap.

Jarle Leirpoll's Card in Mousetrap
Jarle Leirpoll's original Card in Mousetrap manuscript, now in PDF version. English. 8 pages, 8 illustrations.


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The paper manuscript is no longer available, but this PDF version has all the info from the original.
Note: The PDF is watermarked with your name and e-mail address.





It’s one of the best tricks I’ve ever seen. It has everything. Simplicity of method, a great plot with a spectacular climax and can even be done with jumbo cards! In other words… “I LOVE IT!!”

Jeff Martin, USA

I use it in all my close up shows. It has to be one of the most commercial tricks I have come across in recent years, and I congratulate you on coming up with the idea. It’s a winner! Once again, thanks for a tremendous trick. It’s GGGGGRRRRREEEEEAAAAATTTTT.

Tony Griffith, England

There is some excellent by-play here. Jarle’s method of controlling the card is excellent and well within your ability to learn with just a little effort. His comedy treatment is excellent, and as you will find, there is a great deal of suspense in this trick which is unusual in magic. I like it a lot. We like it. We’ll use it!

David Goodsell, MUM

Jarle has created a real tension inducing piece of entertainment. Everyone I’ve performed this for has literally screamed out loud.

Mac King, USA

I have never come across such an easy trick that produced such excellent results. It really is terrific!

Donald G. Wallace, England

Probably the biggest reaction you’ll get for finding a chosen card!

Guy Hollingworth, England

This is a fun trick. The spectator usually screams when the trap goes off and it gets a good laugh. Give this a try!

Mike Gorman, The Linking Ring

The ad is correct: The Card in Mousetrap has it all: Comedy, Suspense, Audience participation, magic in the spectator’s hands, the potential for close-up or stage and the convenience of packing small and playing big.
Just as a sponge ball trick gets a bigger reaction than it deserves, Card in Mousetrap will too. It has huge potential for comedy and, like a guillotine trick, puts a seldom found “suspense factor” into your magic.

Danny Orleans, Genii

The only thing more outstanding than Jarle’s effects is the level of customer service he offers, which is second to none.

Jamie Badman

Jarle must have performed this effect thousands of times and it shows. He tells you pretty much everything you need to know and gives you the nuances that make the trick work best. He even tells you what kind of spectators to pick and how to tell if they are right-handed or left-handed… necessary information if you plan to use the control Jarle describes and have the deck shuffled by the spectator. There are also lots of additional performance ideas provided at the end of the booklet to stimulate developing your own presentation.
… the question is, “Is the manuscript worth $10?” Answer: I have a mousetrap in my close-up case that comes with me to all my close-up and walk around shows now.

Mike Maione, M&M Magic Review

Card in Mousetrap is a truly wonderful effect and so simple in execution. Spectator impact is maximum. I cannot think of many card effects that generate this much spectator involvement and impact. The effect is simple, but it contains drama, suspense, spectator participation and much laughter. A great investment and highly recommended. You will use it often!

Gary Mason, UK