Jarle’s Premiere Pro Presets version 3.0

Jarle's Premier Pro presets

The 1.0 and 2.0 versions of my presets have been downloaded more than 130.000 times, and are used daily by documentary film editors, wedding video makers, students, and even by big broadcast companies. Now, you can download version 3.0 for Premiere Pro CC 2014.2, with even more cool and useful presets.

I’ve added presets for Handheld Camera, Transitions, Ease Keyframes, Volume Keyframe Killer and a Video Limiter setting for Broadcast Safe video levels and a Ken Burns style still image zoom, just to name a few.

Now there are 98 presets in total!  Of course, the presets from versions 1.0 and 2.0 are still included. You’ll get lots of Color Grading presets, including several “Looks” presets for Bleach Bypass, Teal & Orange, Sepia, Color Negative, Cross Process and many more.

In addition, there are LOG to LIN presets for Alexa, Canon Cinestyle for DSLRs and for Sony F3, some scaling tools for HD to SD, 1080 to 720 etc. and a few in the Miscellaneous folder.

Most of the presets have tool tips so when you hover over them you’ll get info about how to use them. For example, the “Blooming Highlights” preset says “Use on Adjustment Layer. Keys out the highlights and blurs them. Also sets Adjustment Layer to Screen mode”.

Download these Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 presets now – they’re free!
(For older versions of Premiere, use versions 1 and 2 of the presets).


Download Jarle’s Premiere Pro Presets Version 3.0

Download 0.00 KB 134007 downloads
If you want to use the sound effect that accompanies the Bad TV Reception preset, you can download the audio file here.

Complete list of effects presets in version 3.0


Jarle’s Audio Tools

Compressor 2.5:1
Reverb Ring Out
Rich Voice-Over
Soft Compression & Limiter @ -0.5 dB
Volume Keyframe Killer

Jarle’s Compositing Tools

Dynamic Garbage Matte
High Contrast Key

Jarle’s Grading Tools

3-Way Secondary Ready
3-Way Skin Tone Fix
3-Way Soft
Blooming Highlights
Broadcast Safe (Video Limiter)
Crop Center
Curves Secondary Ready
Curves 95 %
Dodge & Burn
Curves Highlight Roll-Off
Fast Color Corrector Sat 110
Fast Color Corrector Sat 130
Fast Color Corrector Sat 50
Gaussian Blur 150
Grain 01
Grain 02
S-Curve 90
S-Curve Light
S-Curve Steep
Track Matte V3
Unsharp Mask

 Jarle’s Looks

Bleach Bypass 1-5
Blue Blurred Highlights
Blue-Green Shadows
Cold Highlights
Color Negative
Cross Process 1-2
Crushed Blacks
CTB Blue 25%
CTO Orange 25 %
Day for Night
Deep Blacks
Faded Color
Teal & Orange 1-3
Warm Highlights

Jarle’s Scaling Tools

1080 to 720
720 to 1080
HD 1080 to SD 576
HD 720 to SD 576
Lower Left
Lower Right
SD 576 to HD 1080
SD 576 to HD 720
Upper Left
Upper Right
PiP 33% (LL, LM, LR, ML, MM, MR, UL, UM, UR)

Jarle’s Transitions

Camera Flash
Double Matte Wipe Lower Matte
Double Matte Wipe Upper Matte
Glow & Blur
Swish Pan Blur
Swish Pan In
Swish Pan Out

LOG to LIN + Cinestyle LUT

Alexa LOG to LIN
Canon Technicolor Cinestyle™ S-curve
Sony F3 S-log to LIN

Misc effects

Bad TV Reception
Bouncing Text
Ease Keyframes
Fade Text In and Out
Handheld Camera – Small Camcorder
Ken Burns 18MP for HD
Opacity Keyframe Killer

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125 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    Does version 3 of your presets work with Premiere CS6?


  2. Penny says:

    Hi Jarle, I have not downloaded presets v1 or v2 but I would like to download v3. I am working on PP CC 2014. Am I missing any old presents if I do not have v1 or v2 prior to this download?
    Thank you,

  3. Laree says:

    You are amazing, Jarle! Thank you again.

  4. Peter Mackie says:

    Thank you for all your work. Great stuff. Am I crazy or did you use to have vignette options? I used to have them in Premiere Pro but now can’t find them Any idea where I might find the best vignette presets?

  5. Espen Xandrius says:

    Hei Jarle
    Skjønner du har god SEO på denne siden siden det var første valget når jeg søkte: adobe premiere title templates. Godt å se det fortsatt går bra med deg, og gratulerer med nok en bok på markedet.

  6. Abhishek Maji says:

    Hi Jarle. Thank you so much for sharing such a vast resource of premiere pro presets. Unfortujnately they don’t seem to work in my laptop. I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro CC Version 7.0. When I’m trying to import the presets they don’t appear in my presets folder. I’ve no idea why is this happening. I even tried copying the presets in the presets folder of Premiere in C drive, but they don’t work. Can’t even find them in Premiere by searching for the keywords. Please help.

    • Abhishek, these will only work with 2014.2 and newer versions. Citing from above: “Download these Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 presets now – they’re free! (For older versions of Premiere, use versions 1 and 2 of the presets)”.

      • Dan D says:

        I’m seeing the same thing here. I have the same version of Premiere as Anhishek and I’m having the same issue. Anhishek, did you ever find a fix for this?

      • There is no fix for this. These presets were made in the 2014.2 version of Premiere, and will never ever work in an older version. Use version 1 and 2 of the presets instead, as explained above.

  7. Ricardo Constantino says:

    Just discovered your video about tips on grading, moiré reduction, etc and found this link. Couldn’t be happier right now, you just saved me an interview. Thanks a lot!

  8. Dylan says:

    Thanks very much for this, your Cinastyle preset is an amazing time saver!

  9. EDUARDO says:

    Hi everyone, i am from Brazil and i download version 3 and i install in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 for edit my Sony A7s videos recorded in slog-2, profile 7 and XAVC S file format, and works very well ! THANKS YOU VERY MUCH !!! Jarle Leirpoll.

  10. irati says:

    Hey Jarle,

    Great stuff you have! Im having an issue though. I use to have it on my Premiere CS6 on Windows and it worked perfectly fine, but recently moved into CC on mac and the looks break my image and it flickers, wether i apply
    it directly to the clip or to an adjustment layer… Any ideas? Thanks!

    • As stated in the post, these are Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 compatible presets. If you use CC, which is an older version, you need to use version 2.0 of the presets. See link above. If you’re actually using 2014.2 or newer versions, the presets should work. Since you don’t give any info on what preset is causing the trouble, I have no idea how to help. The presets use many different effects, so you can’t possibly have problems with all of them.

      • irati says:

        Hey JArle,
        As I commented, I am now working on Premiere CC 2015 (v 9.0) on a mac os X Yosemite, and I am trying to implemente the Blue and Green shadows to a clip, either on an adjustment layer and on the same clip and it doesn’t work, tried diff looks and none works… I tried with Version 3 and 2 of your presets and neither works. I am out of ideas already..

      • Blue and Green Screen Shadows are not part of my presets…

  11. Jon Collins says:

    Thanks for this Jarle. Always great to have these presets on stand by for emergencies when I haven’t time to program effects from scratch. Cheers.

  12. irati says:

    You really telling me that inside Jarle’s Look folder there isn’t one that its called Blue- Green Shadows?

    • Sorry, I misread your first post. Yes, the Blue-Green Shadows preset is part of my presets, and it works fine here on my system. Which it should, since it uses just the built-in RGB Curves effect, and this haven’t changed since the 2014.2 version. You can try turning off GPU acceleration in Premiere. If that makes it work, you have a GPU driver problem. You should also update Premiere to 2015.01.

  13. Jashon says:

    Hey man, i just tried to upload the presets but they wont go through into my presets bin?!? is it cause I have windows 10?

  14. Asd says:

    Jarle You Rock !!!

  15. ..Love your work.. 😉

  16. Winnie says:

    Hi Jarle. I’m currently using premiere pro cc2014 on mac, however, when I try to install the preset into my premiere pro, it says file not supported. Do you know why is this so? how do I fix this issue? Thanks!

  17. qucay says:

    Hi Bro. i already download and try to upload the preset but not showing anything. a read the .txt and do exactly what the instruction told.

    is this presets compatible with premiere pro cc v7.0.0 (342)?

    if not is there any compatible with it?

    thx before

    • Hi qucay, no these presets will not work in older versions. Please read the post. It says clearly that this is for Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 (and newer), and there are links to older versions of the presets that will work on older versions of the software..

  18. alucard says:

    hello Jarle, thanks for posting these presets. I am new to priemere pro so how do I install these?

    Thank you


  19. alucard says:

    Never mind, I found the text file thanks again!


  20. Samthing says:

    Hej Jarle! Kul att se att det finns människor (läs idioter) i denna världen också :-)….. Kaffe?

  21. Tester Retset says:

    Really awesome! Thank you!
    But do we have to uninstall the previous version before installing this one? Will it overwrite the already installed presets or we’ll have duplicates if we don’t uninstall the previous version first?

  22. amiel says:

    how to install this preset

  23. Thomas says:

    Hi Jarle
    Cool stuff you do. When will the printed version of your book be released?

  24. Tiff says:

    Thanks a ton for these wonderful freebies! However, I’m a n00b when it comes to Premiere Pro (well…I suppose I will give myself a little credit : I’m n00b-ish, lol). Anywho, I followed everything exactly on point but I’m not having any success at being able to utilize any of the presets. I opened PPro (2015), navigated to my Presets under Effects, Right Clicked on Import and then opened your PRFPSET. Everything shows up under my Presets now BUT when I double-click on one to use it, it pulls up a window that has me set up properties for it. That’s the only thing that does happen – for every single one in the list… no matter how many times I re-click on it.

    Like I said, I’m semi – “duh” about all this at the moment so be gentle with me 😉 What the heck am I doing wrong here??

    • You’re not supposed to double-click. 🙂 You’ll have to drag-n-drop.

      • Tiff says:

        Ahh, I see! … (said the blind man as he ran in to the tree…). I don’t feel stupid at all. Nope, not at all. haha. Thank you for the response. Things are working as they should!

  25. Kelvin says:

    Thanks for the great work Jarle and allowing us to download the files.. However, I’m not able to install it into my Premiere Pro CC. Followed exactly the same steps, click import, select the file, click ok. these presets somehow are not appearing in my Premiere.. =(

    • And you unzipped the zip file first? Also, check if you have something written in the search field in the Effects panel. When you say Premiere Pro CC, do you actually mean that, or do you mean Premiere Pro CC 2015.2?

  26. Eddy says:

    Hi…thanks for the hard work.
    Please how do I install this presets?


  27. Kevin says:

    I use premiere pro CC 2015. Your preset zip file is just 272KB..? just unzipped it and did as mentioned in the note file. nothing happens in the PRESET Folder. Please help

  28. Alexi says:

    Hi Jarle I’m a video editor doing videos as a hobby ^^ I just found this site and so far enjoy your presets! Make some more of these presets! They are Great!

  29. Scott B says:

    Hi Jarle, thank you for the presets! I am trying to apply the 720 to 1080 scaling tool to an Adjustment Layer to scale up 720 footage to the 1080 sequence – but it doesn’t affect the clips below the Adj Layer, If I apply the 20 to 1080 scaling tool directly to the 720 clip – it works. Is it possible to apply it to the Adj Layer so that it affects a whole range of short 720 clips? If so, how should I do it? Thank you

    • No, scaling will not affect layers below an Adjustment Layer. This is a limitation of Adjustment Layers in Premiere.

      • Scott says:

        I figured that might be the case, but I thought I would check with you. Thank you for clarifying and thank you for your expertise and generosity in making these resources available!

  30. Kyle says:

    Hey Jarle,

    Is there a way to use the presets in AE CC 2016?

  31. alex says:

    how to download sir ?

  32. Ade Tambunan says:

    Thx for the preset Jarles. but the blooming highlight only affect when i put the effect right in the footage.nothing happen when i place it on adjustment layer. is there something wrong?

    • Hi Ade – the preset should set the Adjustment Layer to Add or Screen Blending mode. It sounds like this is not happening. Please try to set the blending mode for the Adjustment Layer manually (under Opacity in the Effect Controls Panel).

  33. Ginger says:

    I’m using Premiere Pro cc 2015. I followed the instructions. I unzipped the file. It doesn’t even give me the option to “import presets”. I read all the comments to see if anyone else is having this problem. I tried version 2. I switched browsers. I switched computers. Anything else I can try? Thank you so much.

  34. Edward says:

    Will this work in cc 2015? Says it’s not supported.

  35. Skopos says:

    Hi Jarle,
    I absolutely love your presets so thanks a million for creating them. I’ve just reinstalled the presets after upgrading to Premiere 2015.2 and it looks like some of the audio presets are missing. All I can see in the folder is the Volume Keyframe Killer. Any idea what’s going on?

    • Hi Skopos. Not sure what’s happening on your system. I just downloaded the file and imported the presets, and they’re all there. So the download is OK. Are you sure you didn’t have something written in the search field in the effects panel?

      • Skopos says:

        Hi Jarle,
        Completely by accident I realised what the problem was… it was a faulty installation of Quicktime. I reinstalled it and everything is working as it should.

  36. Dylan says:

    Hi, Nice work. I would like to use the ‘Rich Voice-over’. But when I import the preset it doesn’t pop up in the preset folder. any help?

    • You can search for “rich” in the Effects panel. If it doesn’t show it could be that you’re on an older version of Premiere and need to download one of the older versions of my presets.

  37. James says:

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6. It doesnt show when I import the preset. Any advice or any versions that will work for adobe premiere cs6? thanks really need your help

  38. Brian says:

    Hello. I’m using Premiere Pro 2017 cc on a Mac with Sierra – I don’t see the Effects panel to import these cool effects – please let me know how to do this.

    Thank you so much.

  39. Steven says:

    Hi Jarle,
    I met you at Max a couple weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed your templates presentation. I mentioned to you after the class how much I was using your templates. I’m running into a problem though that the Rich VO template crashes PPro now that I’m on 2017. Is this because EQ and Reverb are listed as obsolete? What confuses me is that loading a project built in 2015.3 works and the effects are present and working. When I try the preset on a new project in 2017 I get the “hand grabbing” pointer and it never goes away unless I shut down PPro and start again. I get this problem on my laptop and desktop.


  40. Simon says:

    Hi Jarle,
    I’m a big fan of your presets, especially the “Rich Voice-Over”. Unfortunately, since upgrading to CC 2017 that particular preset stopped working, displaying the little non-opening fist with the no-parking sign when wanting to drop the preset on a file. I’m guessing this is due to EQ and Reverb being obsolete now, so maybe one will need to relink these effects within the preset? Or is there another solution?
    Many Thanks in advance for the response and the great work!

    • It seems that for now, you’ll have to stop using that preset. The funny thing is that if you apply the effects and adjust them to the same settings, it will not crash. Other obsolete effects do not cause any problems. Strange bug indeed.

  41. Lawrence Smith says:

    Hi Jarle

    I’ve just updated my PP on the Cloud and for some reason the audio preset, “rich voice over” has stopped working. Any ideas?

    I use it all the time as a quick drag and drop tool and it’s an amazing shortcut! I’d hate to have to do it manually from now on….

    Could it be that that it’s just not compatible with the new update? Any help appreciated.

    Many thanks


  42. Brad Batchelor says:

    I have pp 2017 and finishing a huge project. will your presets work with pp2017 and is there any glitches that may interfer with my current project being exported etc.

    • If you have a look at the comments above, you’ll see that some users have reported that two of the audio presets make Premiere hang. If you remove those, everything else should be safe.

  43. Philip Miller says:

    I know this will be not well recieved. I know PS! I have found Adobe Premiere Pro CC to be an unfinished product. It is unstable and feels like a bunch of modules stuck together. In PS there is a list of templates for various artists or users. I wish Premiere had the same. Just the various work interfaces alone is daunting and confusing. It could be much more streamlined. Even worse than Lighroom.

    Your plugins and templates are an attempt at adding more sophistication. Even moving from Audition to After effects back to Premiere is evidence of the lack of integration.

    The only reason so many like or use it is because there is no other choice.

    • I agree that the presets that ship with Premiere are not very impressive. But you’re complaining in the wrong forum. This is my private site, not Adobe’s. If you feel that the built-in presets should improve, go tell Adobe on their Feature Request form: http://www.adobe.com/products/wishform.html. Everyone on the Premiere Pro team reads every feature request and bug report sent through that form (against Premiere), so you’re guaranteed to be heard.

  44. Hubert says:

    Sorry, I think the download link isn’t working now?

  45. Enrique J Valentin says:

    Love the presets. I have been using them for a while, however they no longer seem to be working on my version of premiere cc which is the latest one. They show up in the presets but whenever I try to drag and drop the mouse Icon changes and then the mouse wont do anything. It only happens with Imported presets it seems. I dont know if it a compatibility issue with this years version of premiere pro.

    • If you have a look at the comments above, you’ll see that some users have reported that two of the audio presets make Premiere hang after Adobe made some changes. If you remove those, everything else should be safe.

  46. Bolte Chitra says:

    Very nice set f presets available on internet and best part is they are all free! So thanks a lot for providing them all for free.
    When I use Audio Tools > Rich Voice Over, they work like butter! but in few files I find a background very high frequency like .. tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii …like cricket sound .. how to remove them when they are present ?

  47. Mike says:

    I’m using PP CS6 and extracted file, but after going through import steps it doesn’t show in my effects pre sets. Any suggestions?

    thank you

  48. Mike says:

    that worked, thank you!

  49. allie says:

    Thank you so much! You are awesome

  50. shyamal says:

    Mr.Jarel how can we use bouncing text making of title

  51. Caleb Cobb says:

    Jarel, I have Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015. Whenever I try to download Preset 3, it says, “file format not supported”. What should I do?

  52. Karan says:

    where can i download premiere pro presets 3.3?

    • This is the newest version I’ve released (as per 2017.04.09). Newer versions you may have seen in my presentations or tutorials only exist on my personal system. 🙂 I plan to release a new set of presets this summer, so stay tuned!

  53. Aroel says:

    Thank you for providing free presets for download, hopefully still continued success in his activity….


    Hello Jarle
    Thank you for great job!
    My problem is that each time I reopen PM CC2017 I need to re-import your preset.
    There I need to keep preset file in order to be loaded by PM by default?

  55. vell says:

    Hello Jarle, please i cant use rich voice over preset in Premier Pro 2017..Whats wrong ? and when are you releasing version 4

    • vell, if you read the comments above, you’ll see that this is a known issue. Adobe introduced a bug, and there isn’t much I can do about it. No exact release date for future versions of my presets, but definitely some time this summer/autumn.

  56. Dennis says:

    I really like what you guys are doing with Premiere Pro. I try to use handheld cameras at small business conferences to share with my team when I get back. The presets are always helpful to make things easier.

  57. imam munandar says:


  58. Richard says:

    Rich voice over doesn’t work with the latest version, is there a work around. I love that pre-set. Thank you for your work on these they really are brilliant.

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