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I wrote an eBook about making MOGRTs (Motion Graphics templates) in After Effects, for Premiere Pro, and Adobe has made it available for free on their website. The book covers every aspect of the process, and has a lot of examples and tips on MOGRT design. It’s also a great intro to writing Expressions in After Effects.

The book has hundreds of little code snippets that you can copy from the PDF and paste directly into After Effects. This makes it a treasure trove of expressions.

Download the eBook here:

Making MOGRTs Cover

Making MOGRTs: Creating Motion Graphics templates in Adobe After Effects. By Jarle Leirpoll.

Below are some bespoke MOGRTs that Jarle has made for his (mostly Norwegian) customers. This should give you an idea of what can be done with MOGRTs.

For best quality, click the YouTube logo to go to YouTube.


Read more about the book on Adobe’s blog.

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Sample pages

Sample page

Error catching and custom error messages


Sample page

Proper rounding of numbers


Sample page

Finding the edges of text and shapes


Sample page

Data-driven MOGRTs



2      Contents

4      What is a Motion Graphics template?

5       Why use After Effects to create MOGRTs

5       The Adobe MOGRT ecosystem

6       MOGRT limitations

6       Special cases where After Effects needs to be installed

8      A brief history of MOGRTs

10   The Essential Graphics Panel

10     Let’s create a simple MOGRT

12     Share the MOGRT

14     Using the MOGRT in Premiere Pro

16     MOGRT settings in Effect Controls panel

17     Sort by Recent or by Title

17     Add more folder paths

18     List view in Essential Graphics Panel

19     Different ways to add properties to the Essential Graphics panel

19     Create a keyboard shortcut for Add Property to Essential Graphics

20     Supported types of property controls

22     Add groups and comments in the Essential Graphics panel

24   Using expressions to make user-friendly MOGRTs

24     What can expressions do?

24     Some features in After Effects that use expressions

26     How to add an expression to a property

26     Enable or disable all expressions on selected layers

27     Let After Effects write the code for you

29     Copy and paste expressions from documents and websites

32   Expression language fundamentals

32     Case sensitivity

32     Expressions ignore spaces and line breaks

32     Add comments to your code

33     Use existing values as a starting point for expressions

34     Punctuation in expressions

34     What’s a variable?

35     What’s an array?

36     What’s a function?

36     Useful keyboard shortcuts for expressions

37     Be careful when using expressions with Master Properties

38   Expression Controls—your best friends

39     The Slider Control

41     Combine Separate Dimensions and Slider Controls

41     Color Control

44     Checkbox Control

45     Use a Controls layer

46   Most useful expressions for MOGRT design

46     The linear and ease expressions

49     if/else expressions

53     sourceRectAtTime

57     Use toComp to fix parenting problems

58     Saving your expressions for easy access

59     Bounce & Overshoot and Inertial Bounce

59     Custom ease expressions

60     parseFloat

61     Rounding numbers

62     Split

65     Change the timing of keyframes with expressions

66     Expression error banner

67   Making MOGRTs user-friendly

67     Decide if it’s okay if After Effects must be installed

69     Use fonts that are available to all Adobe Creative Cloud users

69     Use sliders and rounding to give the user some options

70     Control several properties with one slider or checkbox

70     Give the user a Duration slider in earlier versions

70     Allow for multiple lines of text

72     Allow for different text designs

76     Nick Howell’s timing guide preview

77     Responsive Design — Time

79     Why still use a duration slider?

79     Foolproofing the MOGRT

82     Data-driven MOGRTs

86     Using the data-driven MOGRT in Premiere Pro

88   MOGRT design tips

88     Use Adobe Color

89     The Adobe Capture app

90     Use Collapse Transformations

90     Make the MOGRT resolution independent

91     Center anchor point in new shape layers

91     Place anchor points where you need them

92     Use one custom animation in many layers

93     Get a visual representation of the animation

94     Reuse code with index

95     Use Master Properties

98     Use standard procedures, work faster

98     Add audio to your MOGRTs

100 Making MOGRTs for your customers and colleagues

100   Their design manual is the bible

101   Choice of approved fonts

101   Make MOGRTs with built-in safety nets

101   Beware of openers

102   Get access to their library

103 Optimizing MOGRT performance

103   Keep the layer count down

106   Reduce the render time with pre-renders

107 Exporting and distributing MOGRTs

107   Use nesting to avoid problems when you export MOGRTs

107   Use nesting to fix problems with unrelated properties

108   Universalizing the MOGRT

109   Exporting MOGRTs for use on your own system

109   Sending MOGRT files to customers and colleagues

110   Selling MOGRTs

111   Making changes in existing MOGRTs

112 What happens when you install a MOGRT?

116   Replace the MOGRT with a new version

117   How to solve font syncing issues

117 That’s it!

118 Appendix: Online Resources for MOGRT creators

118   Tutorials on Essential Graphics panel

118   Tutorials on expressions

118   After Effects Expressions forums

119   JavaScript resources

119   Useful scripts and extensions for MOGRT creators

121 About the author

121   Thanks

122 Want to sell your MOGRTs?

122   Become a contributor to Adobe Stock.




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