Free PDF Chapter on Authoring DVDs in Adobe Encore

Shiny Disc Export

This is the section on DVD authoring in Adobe Encore that was in the 2014 version of The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro. Because of the diminishing use of DVDs, this 9-page section was removed from the 2017 version of the book. Here you can download it for free!

Additional info on Chapter Markers

Please note that Markers may not be frame accurate in Encore since they can only be placed on I-frames in the MPEG GOP. If you want frame-accurate markers, you could try this: change the Bitrate Encoding to 2-pass. Theoretically, this will analyze the edit and place I-frames at your cut points. So, if you place the markers on cut
points, you should increase your chances of getting frame-accurate markers.

Import as a timeline, not as an asset

The marker metadata in Premiere has changed since Encore went out of development, so you need to import your exported .m2v and .wav files as a timeline, and not as an asset. If you import them as a timeline, the Premiere markers will be preserved, all the way through to the shiny disc.



Table of Contents

  • Shiny Disc Export
  • Add Chapter Markers
  • Export to DVD Formats
  • In Encore CS6
  • Make a DVD Menu
  • Set your End Action
  • Name the DVD
  • Add Subtitles
  • Check the DVD with the Flowchart
  • Preview the DVD
  • Add DVD-ROM Content
  • Build a DVD Folder
  • Save DVD Image and burn DVD
  • No Guarantees for Playback
  • DDP Image output
  • Dual Layer DVDs


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