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Once I’ve made this, you shouldn’t have to

This is Jarle Leirpoll’s Premiere Pro blog. The purpose is to spread knowledge about Adobe Premiere Pro, so editors can use it to its full potential. Jarle has written a book on advanced editing techniques in Premiere Pro. And, you guessed it, the title is “The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro“.

The philosophy behind this blog is that Premiere Pro editors around the world should share their work. If someone has made a 3D reflection effect, then no one should ever need to build that effect from scratch again. Everyone should be able to download a template, insert their own footage, and hit Play!

Need for speed

Creating everything from scratch is time consuming. Sharing and using templates will speed up everyone’s work so we can spend time on the more important editing decisions and be creative. I urge everyone to submit your effects presets and templates so we can all benefit from a pool of useful, fancy, beautiful, time saving or just plain Cool Stuff.

The book “The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro” has lots of info on using templates and describe time saving workflows and techniques that every Premiere Pro user should know.

Posts will be made at a very irregular schedule, so subscribing via RSS feed might be a good option.

Have fun!

The author and template maker

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Jarle Leirpoll

PremierePro.net is run by Jarle Leirpoll, and most of the templates and effects presets you’ll find here are made by him.

Jarle makes his living by making corporate movies and documentaries, and by teaching how to shoot, edit and add VFX to films. He is an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Jarle is also the author of “The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro“. He has been the Tech Editor for the last 6 versions of the Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in A Book series, and he wrote the Adobe Premiere Pro Best Practices and Workflow Guide for Long Form and Episodic Post Production together with the Adobe Hollywood team. Need to learn Premiere Pro? Jarle can help!

The above link goes to the film Oddaprosessen, one of 12 films that Jarle made for The Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway 2010-2011. You can watch all the films on the YouTube channel, and download the companion book here or read it here.

Jarle is available for basic, intermediate and advanced training for Premiere Pro and After Effects, and will travel world wide. Shoot him an e-mail if you need Premiere Pro training.

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The music maker

Music and Sound FX can make good images look great, so Lars Nårstad has helped Jarle by creating the audio for some of the templates. Want some awesome music for your next film? Lars is your man!

Lars can be found at Refleksfilm: https://www.refleksfilm.no/

Here are links to films where Lars has made the music and Sound FX.