Privacy Policy

We are concerned with our users’ privacy and this privacy statement contains information about what information we collect from the visitors to our web sites and what we use them.

1. Web analytics and cookies (cookies)

The websites use third party cookies (cookies) from Google Analytics and Facebook. The purpose is to get statistics and analysis of the website. The information is used by us to improve the site and to provide the visitor with the best possible experience. We can not track the data to individuals.

Examples of what the statistics give us answers to are; how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, what websites users come from and what browsers are used. We use Google Analytics’s tracking code to anonymize the IP address before the information is stored and processed by Google. Thus, the stored IP address can not be used to identify the individual user.

If you do not want to accept cookies, you must choose to change the settings in your browser. Note that this setting may cause many websites to not work as normal. Instructions can be found here:

More about Google AdWords using cookies and how to sign up:

More about Facebook’s use of cookies and how to unsubscribe:

For services that require login or search, cookies can be used to ensure that the service presents data to the right recipient.

2. Search

If the webpage has search function, it stores information about what keywords users use in Google Analytics. The purpose of the storage is to improve our information service. The search usage pattern is stored in aggregate form. Only the keyword is saved, and they can not be linked to other information about the users, such as IP address.

3. Share / Tips Services

Pages sharing features can be used to forward links to the site by email, or to share the content of social networking. Tips for tips are not logged with us, but only used to add the tips to the community. However, we can not guarantee that the online community does not log this information.

4. Forms

The website may have a form for registration, contact form or other form. These forms are available to the public to perform the tasks they are supposed to do. Via the forms on this website we collect data such as name, email address and what the request applies. We request this information in order to answer the inquiry in the best possible way.

By using the contact form on this website you agree that we store your data and that we can send you digital communications. We take your privacy seriously and will never share your personal information with third parties. You can withdraw all consent whenever you wish.

5. Contact information

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