Flexible Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro

Flexible Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro

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Pfeiffer has done research for Adobe that shows that adding graphics to a simple short-form video can be done four times faster using Motion Graphics Templates! Read the report here. Here are some templates that Jarle has made.

Flexible SoMe Template

Flexible Social Media Template

This template fits all common video sizes and aspect ratios. If you need to output vertical video, square video or widescreen video, this template has got you covered! It’s a huge time saver when you need to output more than one video size – like one widescreen for YouTube and one square and/or vertical video for social media. You’ll no longer need to type in the same text several times – just drag a slider to automatically readjust the text to the frame size!

It’s highly customizable, and you can choose text size, colors, opacity, position, alignment and even animation styles. Easily highlight one or more words in your text, and re-use the template in videos with other sizes (vertical, square, wide) without re-typing text.

  • Works with all language versions of Premiere Pro
  • Highly customizable
  • Instantly switch between widescreen, vertical and square video
  • Uses free fonts available in your Creative Cloud subscription through Adobe Typekit
  • Requires Premiere Pro version CC 2018