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After Effects basic training

After Effects is a fantastic piece of software, but unfortunately it’s got quite a steep learning curve. Many give up when they’re trying to learn the basics. That’s sad, because you can get so much pleasure out of knowing After Effects when you’re making film and video. During this two-day training you’ll learn how After Effects is used for simple animations, motion graphics and video effects.

This course does not cover the coolest effects. There are plenty of YouTube videos for that.  The goal is to teach you the principles and workflows in the software. After this course, and some practicing on your own, you can consider taking the intermediate course.

Reiserute på kart

Travel route on a map

Jarle uses After Effects for all his documentary films and corporate movies – and when making bespoke Motion Graphics Templates for customers.

On-site training – or on Zoom/Teams

This is an on-site course, held at your companies’ premises. You must provide a room for the training, with a projector or big TV. Alternatively, it can be done online via Zoom or Teams.


  • Basic Animation
    • Position, rotation, scale, anchor point, etc.
    • Keyframing
  • Motion Blur
  • Text effects
    • Text on a path
    • Animation presets
  • Project: Making a Motion Graphics Template for Premiere Pro
  • Project: Travel route on a map
  • Simple Compositing
    • Track Mattes and Masks
    • Blending modes
    • Green Screen Key
  • Parenting
  • Simple Expressions
    • Linking parameters
    • Keyframing vs Expressions
    • Expression Controls
  • Into and out of After Effects
    • Rendering and export
    • Adobe Media Encoder
    • Integration with Premiere Pro



Lower third template for Premiere Pro and other NLEs. Click to see video.


SoMe intro

Social Media Intro. Click to see video.


Peak Meter

Music controls the animation. Click to see video.

3D Dice

Making a bouncing and rolling 3D-dice. Built in After Effects.

Some things you will learn.


You must know your OS (Windows eller MacOS) well, and manage to make folders, copy files, delete files, use keyboard shortcuts, etc. You must have the newest version of After Effects installed on your system. A free 7-day trial is OK.

Training that Jarle offers


About Jarle

Jarle Leirpoll headshot

Jarle Leirpoll

Jarle was trained as a videographer and video editor at NRK – the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. After 14 years as sound engineer/videographer/editor in the NRK, he started his own company where he makes documentaries and corporate movies. When he’s not doing training, writing articles or books, that is.

Jarle teaches film and video production at several universities, and he wrote the Norwegian book “Video i Praksis” (practical video production), which is now in its fifth edition.

Most of the courses Jarle offers are basic or intermediate training, but he has also trained experienced editors at NRK , MonsterSeefood, Strix,  Danmarks Radio, TV 2, SVT, Swedish TV4, Valve Media OyAito Media Oy, BBCDisney Channel and many others – even Adobe’s own employees! He has presented at international events like Adobe Video World, Adobe MAX, NAB, Post | Production World, and Editors Retreat.

He has also done training in Video Camera Shooting Techniques, Video Editing Theory, Podcast Production in Adobe Audition, Storytelling with Video, Green Screen Workshops, Lighting Workshops etc. for countless companies and organizations that use video on their Social Media channels, on websites, and for internal and external training videos and info films.

Jarle has written a book on advanced editing techniques Premiere Pro (The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro) and a book on making Motion Graphics Templates in After Effects – for use in Premier Pro (Making MOGRTs). He’s also a beta tester for Adobe, and he’s an Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Expert on Premiere Pro og After Effects. Jarle uses Premiere Pro, After Effects and the other Creative Cloud A/V apps for all his films and videos.


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