Comic Book animation in 3D

Comic Strip animation in Premiere

Comic Book animation in Premiere

With this free Premiere Pro template project you can use your own video clips and create this animation in seconds. Made entirely inside of Premiere Pro CC using built-in effects only. A users manual is included in the project file.

Free download includes Premiere Pro CC project file and comic book drawing. There are 14 frames in the drawing, so you can tweak the animation and add as many video clips as you want. You can animate the “camera” in any way you like. Poke around in the project to learn how it’s built, and then make your own version. Feel free to post links to your versions below!

The template project is made in 1080p25 format, so it’s 1920×1080 at 25 fps. You can of course change this, just remember to change all the nested sequences.


Want to learn how to make advanced motion graphics in Premiere?

You’ll learn how in the upcoming book The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro, and in the chapter on Motion Graphics.

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34 Responses

  1. Kamran says:

    i have downloaded this template but i cannot import it, it says file damaged.

    • I just downloaded it to test, and it works fine. Please note that it’s made for Premiere Pro CC, and will not work in older versions. Also, you need to unzip the files before using them.

  2. Adi says:

    I have Premiere Pro CC and it still doesn’t work. It says that the project contains a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type.
    A bit of help please.

  3. venkatesh says:

    i want a promo templates in premiere pro cs5 please

    • Hi Venkatesh, I’m using Premiere Pro CC, so I cannot make templates for older versions. If anyone else is willing to re-create this template in CS5 and CS6, I’d be happy to post them here for download.

      • venkatesh says:

        k give a premiere pro cc tutorial i have a cc
        so pls help me i want to do 1 project
        so i want a templates help me

      • Hi Venkatesh, I don’t think you understand the concept here. I’m putting out some of my stuff for free, but that doesn’t mean I’m offering free support or work for free. If you need help to build something, either contact someone and pay them for the job, or ask a question on Adobe Premiere’s user-to-user forum:

  4. Dennis Zaki says:

    Great template. It inspired me to build three or four similar clips. Thanks!

  5. Danilo says:

    Many thanks for the template… AWESOME!
    Thanks from Brazil! 😀

  6. leo says:

    Much much bro…awesome n amazing templates… u ar a genius…much love from Nigeria

  7. Elif says:

    Hey, do you have this template that is also compatible with premiere cs6???

    • No, it was made in CC. But feel free to download a free trial version of Premiere to be able to open this template. Then recreate it in CS6, and send it to me, and I’ll gladly post it here. 🙂

  8. vijay says:

    i like this project

  9. Ana says:

    Hi Jarle, thanks for great template, I test it and it’s work great 🙂
    But really would like to place my comics picture and replace first one.
    I copy all effects from “Comic strip 3D”, but when replace – my picture moving the same way like original, but video 1 and 2 don’t show …
    I’m beginner and really would like to help me – what should I do, to be like original template?

    Here is my picture:

    Not sure – how to make this:
    Here is my Premiere Pro CC:

    • Hi Ana, whn oyu want to change the image it gets more complicated. Since the template uses nesting, you need to duplicate all the nested sequences too, and replace them in the main sequence. Then go into the nested sequences and replace the source sequences with oyur copies, and then replace the videos inside the source sequences. You will also need to change the masks (titles) so that they follow the outlines of the frames in your drawing.
      When your video is finsished, please post a link to it. 🙂

  10. Ana says:

    Sure, I will <3
    Get success… All night trying again and again and did it. Now I have my own comics picture with 2 videos :)) Now trying to make with new picture and video, because – yesterday was test.
    I'm really happy when I find this site, it's very helpful for me… Thanks again Jarle!

  11. Ana says:

    Hi again, here is my video madden with Comic_3D template:

  12. santhosh says:

    hii i downloaded templates from ur site for adobe premiere pro cs6 but its not working and says that the file is damaged so what can i do now ????

  13. Anon says:

    I’m using Premiere Pro CC but whenever I try to open the templates in Premiere it says the files are corrupted and missing.

    • I just downloaded it and tried, and it works perfectly fine. So the file is OK, which means the error is introduced during download or lies in your Premiere Pro installation. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  14. sandeep says:


  15. MEGAVEL says:

    Yes Jarle Leirpoll,
    For CS6 it is not working,
    But Thankyou for your free template that you uploaded here,
    Well I saw the Video in Youtube,
    I thank God for you Jarle Leirpoll, Because one who started the good works in you, He is faithful to finish it until the end !
    Keep rock on it !

    • That’s correct. It will only work in Premiere Pro CC and not in older versions.

      • MEGAVEL says:

        I Got Downloaded Premiere Pro cc 2018 because of interest what i’ve got ,
        And opened your template,
        really its amazing and thanks for your stuff here,
        Let Him reward you…..
        Keep rock it..

  16. Tom Glander says:

    Is the info in Chapter 1, Accelerated Workflow, in your second edition book, “The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro” all applicable to the latest release of Premiere Pro CC 2018? Trying to sort clips into bins, but seems a different layout in 2018?

  17. Julie says:

    Hola, soy nueva aquí como virgen en Premiere (tengo CS6)… descargue el proyecto para auto-aprender pero al abrime sale una ventana que dice ¨El proyecto esta dañado o no se puede abrir¨ ¿que hago?

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