Free PDF Chapter on the Legacy Titler in Premiere Pro

Legacy Titler

This is the section on the Legacy Titler that was in the 2014 version of The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro. Because we’ve got a new Graphics workflow in Premiere now, this 27-page section was removed from the 2017 version of the book. Here you can download it for free!

Table of Contents

Text Techniques in the Titler

  • Set new Font as the default Animate your Text Effects Glowing Text
  • Slant it
  • Texturize it
  • Add some Bounce
  • Add some 3D
  • Computer Gibberish Word Clouds

Titler Tips

  • Think BIG
  • Use Align & Distribute
  • Do the Math
  • Copy smart
  • Move the Anchor Point to a good Position Use Integers in Sizes and Positions
  • Use the Shape Tools as a starting Point Copy Color the easy Way
  • Center your Titles if you animate them Save a Title with special Characters

The Titler – so much more than Text

  • Can you draw it in the Titler?
  • Shiny Buttons
  • Easy Button
  • Simple Text Box with rounded Corners Magazine style Text Box

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