Let me create Motion Graphics Templates for your company

With the 2018 update of Adobe Premiere Pro, Motion Graphics Templates built in After Effects work really well in Premiere Pro. These templates are super easy to use in Premiere, but require quite a bit of coding in Expressions to make the really fast and customizable. If you don’t know this kind of coding, let me build custom templates for your company!

Even though this is a relatively new feature in the Adobe workflow, I’ve already built templates for several companies. I helped Adobe in the process of creating this feature, so I know the ins and outs of Motion Graphics Templates (mogrts) very well.

How do we work together remotely?

To create a Graphics Package for your company or organization, I need logos, design guides, fonts etc. I’ll ask you to send all this, and we will discuss how you want the templates to look, and what you want them to do. When we’ve agreed on this, I give you a quote that you’ll hopefully accept. Then I start building templates, and send you samples along the way so we know if I’m moving in the right direction. When you’re satisfied, I send the files that you can roll out to all the users, via libraries or any other way you prefer.

Why do you need a mogrt?

Because you want to limit the creative choices. You want the graphics to always look the same, no matter who edits a piece. You don’t want the employees to use colors or fonts that are “illegal” in the company’s visual profile. You don’t want editors or video journalists to fiddle with After Effects templates when they don’t know how to use the software. You want them to edit in Premiere, and be able to add motion graphics quickly and easily. Custom Motion Graphics Templates do all this.

MOGRT Advantages

  • Everything be controlled to adhere to company standards, like color choices, font choices, animation types, placement, etc.
  • Super-easy to use. The templates don’t require any training – they’re totally self-explanatory. You will get a very short guide on how to install them and import them, and that’s all you need.

The cheaper alternative

If you see a template on PremierePro.net that you’d like me to customize, Shoot me an e-mail and ask for a quote. This will be a lot cheaper than starting from scratch.


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