The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro – now available!

The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro

The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro is now available as downloadable e-book (watermarked PDF). It covers advanced editing techniques in Premiere Pro, and goes into much greater detail than any existing book on Premiere. This is the real stuff – the techniques used by professionals in their daily work.

Learn how to edit much faster and get better results. Learn how smarter workflows and the use of presets and templates can save hours – even days – on every project. Knowing more about the software will make you look smart to clients and work faster so you can have more time for creativity.

The book covers the most current version at the time of release; Premiere Pro – 2014.2. In this book you’ll learn about Multi-Channel Audio Editing, Color Grading, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Multi-Camera workflows, Customizing Premiere, Export, Integration with other Adobe software and a huge amount of technical info and editing tips and tricks. More than 2.200 images, illustrations and screen shots make it easy to understand the techniques.

UPDATE: My original plan was to release a new PDF version and a printed version shortly after the 2016 release. Surprisingly, there was no 2016 release – Adobe chose to name the June 2016 release “CC 2015.3”. So no matter how fresh and up-to-date the content in my book would be, it would seem outdated because it “only covered the 2015 release”.

So I had to wait for the next update, and see if the Adobe folks have a new naming scheme up their sleeve. That release came in November, and is named 2017. So now I’m in the process of updating all the chapters to cover the 2017 version. The plan is to release it late summer 2017. Does that mean you should wait, and not buy the existing version? No, you’ll get a very decent discount on the upcoming version if you buy the existing one (65% on digital versions, 50% on printed version). You will still learn a ton of new things about Premiere, so there’s no reason to wait.

Not for beginners

You’re supposed to know the basics of Premiere Pro before you dive into this book.


  • Accelerated Workflow
  • Audio in Premiere
  • Color Grading in Premiere
  • Graphics in motion
  • Compositing in Premiere
  • Editing tips & techniques
  • Customizing Premiere
  • Integration with Adobe software
  • Export

You can Download a PDF with the full Table of Content here.

Some info about the PDF e-book

The 134 MB PDF is watermarked and password protected. It can be read on PC, Mac, tablets and even on smart phones. I wouldn’t recommend reading the whole book on a smart phone, but it’s great for quick searches, always available in your pocket. One of the best ways to use the e-book is to have it open on a tablet while you’re editing on a Mac or PC.

The more than 600 pages are easy to navigate. There is a Table of Content at the start, with links to every chapter and every heading. The whole Table of content is clickable too, so clicking a topic there will take you directly to the page where that topic starts. Clicking the logo in every page header takes you to the Table of Content. Clicking on the footer with the name of the chapter takes you to the start of the chapter.  Since it’s a PDF, everything is instantly searchable as well.

For more info about quantity purchases etc. read the FAQ.

Buy it now!

Click the Buy Now button below to buy the book. The price is NOK400.00 (about USD50.00, find the price in your currency here). Your PDF file will be watermarked and that process takes some time, so please allow at least one minute before interrupting the download process.

The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro
Advanced editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro. eBook (Watermarked PDF file). More than 600 pages with more than 2.200 images, illustrations and screen shots. This edition covers the 2014.2 version of Premiere Pro.


Check your shopping cart and proceed to check-out

The stamping of the PDF file takes a while, so please be patient after clicking the Check-out link above.

To open the PDF file, use your e-mail address as the password – exactly the way it was registered in PayPal, since it’s case sensitive.

Solving download problems on iOS devices

iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) may give you a message saying the download failed. But if you click on the failed message you get the opportunity to open it in the iBooks app – and then it works fine. If that doesn’t work for you, try the methods below.

Copy a PDF to iBooks using iTunes

Some iOS devices will not allow you to download the protected PDF from the web at all, so you need to transfer it from a Mac or a PC. You can use iTunes to copy your PDF file from a Mac or PC to your iOS device. I recommend that you keep all the PDFs you want on your iOS device in one folder on your Mac or PC.

1. Open iTunes and select your iOS device
2. Click on “Books” under “Library”
3. Drag your PDF into iTunes, or import it in another way
4. Click the check box to include the new book in the items to sync to the device
5. Synchronize the iOS device with your Mac or PC using iTunes

The PDF now shows up as a book in your iBooks app.

Copy a PDF smart phones and tablets using Dropbox

If you put the PDF file in the Dropbox folder on your PC or Mac, it will be available in the Dropbox app on your tablet or smart phone. Depending on your settings, Dropbox either sync automatically, or you will have to select the file in the Dropbox app for manual syncing.

Copy a PDF to iOS device using AirDrop

Apple has a good explanation on how to use AirDrop to transfer files to iOS devices here:

Password problems on iOS? Try the Adobe Acrobat DC mobile app

Some customers have reported that some of their iOS apps give an error message, saying they’re using the wrong password – when they’re not. If you have such problems, please try the Adobe Acrobat DC mobile app.


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37 Responses

  1. Manny L says:

    I waited a long time for this and I feel like a child at Christmas. Congrats Jarle!

  2. Congrats on getting this amazing piece of work out to the video-editing community. It looks awesome!

  3. Edward Nachman says:

    I finally printed out the entire book. One problem; I couldn’t print page 508. I believe there is something wrong the way the page was presented in the pdf form. Other than that, I’m looking forward for reading your tome.

  4. Dag Ove says:

    Congrats with your book, Jarle! Looks awsome. How much do you think the printed version will cost in NOK? Do you have a deal where I can get the ebook if I purchase the printed version? I find it very convenient to have an electronic version of manuals to do searches as you mentioned above – but at th same time it’s nice to have a printed version, it’s more easy on the eyes etc 😉 All the best!

    • Dag Ove, I don’t know the exact price of the printed book yet. Depends on printing cost, but it will definitely be higher than the price of the e-book. Those who have bought the e-book will get a healthy discount on the printed version.

  5. Dag Ove says:

    Right, thanks, Jarle!

  6. Mirek says:

    Quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying reading your book on Premiere Pro Advanced Editing. So many new things to learn and implement, just not enough chocolates, coffee and hours to assimilate it all. Keep up the great work.

  7. DashV says:

    Should I get the current pdf now or are the 2015 updates just around the corner? 🙂

    • Hi DashV, it will still be a few weeks before the new version is ready (writing this on June 30th). There are so many bugs in CC 2015 that I expect Adobe to send out a new version pretty soon. Then I’ll be on vacation for a while before I can finish the new version of my book. You can still buy the current version without any risk – you’ll get the update for free or for a very very low price. We’re talking massive discounts for those who bought the first version. 🙂

      Anyway, for now, I recommend that you stick with CC2014 until Adobe have fixed the most serious bugs.

  8. Hi and thanks for the most excellent book on Premiere Pro I’ve managed to get my hand on so far. Due to some severe hardware problems two days ago I was forced to salvage my edits for the movie I’m working on from another editing software and get them into Premiere Pro. Haven’t used Premiere Pro for three years, so I needed to get up to speed fast. As you mentioned in your foreword – there aren’t as many books available which don’t begin by “In the program window you will see the frame (that is, the current picture) which is situated where the playhead is on the timeline” or something similar. Thanks for that. It’s a “must have” for those who know what they want, are comfortable in editing with Avid or FCP or [insert editing software here] and just need to figure out how it is done in Premiere Pro.

    Now the questions: will I be notified as soon as an updated version gets published? Will there ever be a epub variant?

    • Thank you for the kind words about the book! Glad you liked it. 🙂 You will definitely be alerted when a new version is ready. About the e-pub version: I’m not sure. I find that format tricky to publish to when the the book has thousands of images with image captions. In a PDF is so much easier to control the layout.

      • Credit where credit’s due 🙂
        Never thought I would work with PPro again, so if anybody from Adobe reads this: It’s all Jarle’s fault anyway..

        About eBooks – I somehow lost my copy of van Hurkmans Color correction handbook and got a eBook-copy from amazon as replacement. Cant say I missed much compared to the printed edition – and I could mark those parts I found especially important. I miss that in the PDF-copy..

  9. JaySmoke says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to begin reading this book. I have been playing around with Premiere for awhile now and it seems like everybody is using After Effects so I was about to jump on that train. I hope this book will prevent that from happening cause I really love working with Premiere.

  10. Hi,

    Really excited about getting this book. Appreciate this has been asked before, but now we are in 2016, just keen to understand if its worth purchasing this version or should i wait for the paperback or updated ibook? Thank you!

  11. fabio says:

    Hi Jarle
    does this ebook works with premiere cs6? or does it exist for cs6?
    Thanks a lot!

  12. Mark Willner says:

    I purchased the PDF version of the book. The only issues is that I am unable to highlight and bookmark because of the security restrictions. Most e-books I own allow the user to highlight and bookmark. If all possible, could these two restrictions be lifted? A great reference by the way.

    • Mark, I tried to answer your e-mail, but it bounced. Unfortunately, the WordPress plug-in that creates the individual files doesn’t have an option for this. This is good feedback though, and I’ll look into the possibilities for having them add this feature before the release of the next version of the book.

  13. Mark says:

    I purchased this e-book but find it somewhat unusable since it is 611 pages and it cannot be bookmarked or highlighted. I seriously doubt there is anyone who can read 611 pages in one sitting. The e-book needs to be like all other e-books and provide for bookmarking and highlighting. While the content might be great, it needs to be manageable for the end user, which it is not.

    • Hi Mark. Thank you for your feedback. I’ll ask the plug-in developer if this can be implemented in the next version of the plug-in that creates the personalized PDFs. You’re definitely not supposed to read all the pages in one sitting. 🙂

      Have you tried the advanced search and hyperlink features in the e-book? If you search for “Multi-Camera” it takes you to the table of contents and the Multi-Camera Editing chapter. You can then click on the headline text in the table of contents to jump to the chapter – or click on the “Manual Sync Offsets” hyperlink to go straight to that section. Whenever you’re deep inside the book you can always click on the chapter name to go to the start of that chapter, or on the cool stuff logo to go to the table of content. Or you could just do a search for “Custom Sequence Presets” and go straight to the page where this is described. I find this very effective.

      I own a lot of PDF e-books, and I’ve never created a bookmark or highlighted text, but I still find the books quite useful, so I guess our ways of using the books are just different. But hopefully, with the next version, I’ll be able to provide what you want.

  14. Mark says:

    I have used the advance search. I am surprised you don’t bookmark or highlight given the volume of rich content but that is I guess up to the individual. I find it useful in e-books to bookmark and highlight. In Premiere I have an app which lets bring in PDF documents and use them while I am working. It is called PDF Viewer and it allows me to use a document in Premier Pro for reference. Thank you for your response and I am looking forward to a more standard version of your e-book.

  15. Jon says:

    Am also intersted in your book, is there an update to the 2016 version coming soon? Would be a bummer to buy it and find that I would need to rebuy it again, unless you offer us an updated version if we buy it now…? Also I like the shorter single chapter versions, will you be releasing updated versions of those, or get a cost credit from a full version purchase? Thanks look forward to reading, Jon

    • Hi Jon, I am planning an update later this year – hopefully this summer. You can safely buy the current version now, as those who’ve bought the current version will get a BIG discount on the update. 🙂 I have no plans to release updated single chapters, but I will take a look at that option again after the update. No promises, though.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Hi Jarle, if i buy your book, is it possible for me to have the older version like the one that suitable with CS6 (if you ever made one) as an extra along with the latest version?

    • Hi Jonathan, there is no CS6 version. The current version covers Premiere Pro CC 2014.2. A new version is coming soon, and will cover Premiere Pro CC 2017. Some of the chapters can be bought separately, and some of these were written for CS6.

  17. Edward Nachman says:

    I purchased the original book. Is there a way to download any NEW additional information.

  18. Ben Kupfer says:

    Not sure if you’ve covered this topic, but it’s not in the book. Are you writing a chapter on proxy editing?

  19. Ben Kupfer says:

    Excellent! Thanks Jarle

  20. Dag Ove says:

    Hi! I’ve worked with Premiere Pro CS6 together with the book, and have now finally installed Premiere Pro CC 2017. BUT all the usual shortcuts don’t work anymore. I have an English version of Premiere Pro and a Norwegian keyboard. How can I get all my shortcuts from CS6 back? Do I have to export them and then re-import them? Thanks in advance!

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