PDF-chapter on Accelerated Workflow in Premiere Pro

This chapter is for all you lazy, smart and busy editors out there! And for the editors who’d like to earn some money on their editing! Due to ever-decreasing budgets, tight deadlines and quick turnaround we need to complete projects faster and speed up our creative timeline with time-saving techniques.

Of all the chapters, this is probably the most unsexy one. But the time you save on accelerating your workflow can be used to create a lot more fun stuff in your film – or just help you get home for dinner, which is also cool! Download the PDF below.

Update July 2017: This chapter is no longer available

The updated version of The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro will be available this September, and the single chapters from the 2015 version are no longer available. See the web page for the updated book here.

When time is of the essence

This 35-page chapter teaches how to optimize every step of your workflow, from before you import your footage until the final export. You’ll be surprised how slowly you’ve been working before! Through extensive use of templates and presets, and some clever customizing of Premiere, you’ll work much, much faster and get better results. Do more within the given time, eliminating repetitive clicking and boring routine work. Less hazzle, less trouble!

Quickly import and sort your material

Quickly import and sort your material

Top & Tail editing and Trimming

Imagine editing as fast as you think! Finish projects faster with the new Top & Tail editing in Premiere CS6 – simply the fastest way of editing that exists! Learn how to cut away the surplus stuff at the beginning and end of your clips with one single keystroke! You’ll get your rough cut done in a flash!

Using the new Trimming tools you’ll fine tune it faster than ever!

Keep notes inside your project

Keep notes inside your project

Nesting sequences for fun and profit

Learn how to use nesting to make your editing much simpler and more efficient. I use nesting a lot to simplify my timelines and make editing faster. Nesting also lets me quickly shuffle the segments around and do changes in seconds.

Everyone will benefit

Whether you’re doing wedding videos, news stories, documentaries, corporate movies or shorts, you’ll work faster through a large number of techniques to optimize performance. Use your time better and increase your power to tell stories.

Get done with the boring stuff as quickly as possible. Do the organizing, sorting, metadata input, markers, labels and audio channel mapping with as few keyboard strokes as possible so you can get on with the real editing. Using these techniques you’ll effortlessly sort and rough cut your material. Then use time-saving templates, presets and techniques to fine tune and finish your projects faster then ever before.

Editing nested sequences

Editing nested sequences

More automation, more creative flow, more comfort, higher quality.



This chapter is now obsolete. The chapter has been updated to cover more features added to Premiere Pro since this was released, and is now part of the book. Read more about The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro here.

Sorry, this chapter is no longer available

The updated version of The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro will be available this September, and the single chapters from the 2015 version are no longer available. See the web page for the updated book here.

This chapter was downloaded 198 times before it went EOL.


Table of content

Get better results, faster – much faster

Get rid of bad habits

Lucky me – no client over shoulder

Pillars of my workflow

Before you start editing

Copy folder template

Copy the media files

Why not strip out the bad material?

Transcoding? I don’t think so

Create a new Premiere project

Import template project

Import all the media

Sorting the clips into bins

What’s a clip anyway?

A logical bin structure in your Project Panel

Set Poster Frames when needed

Time for Backup

What about helper files?

Renaming clips

Make Subclips when needed

Add Metadata and Markers

Shot list, RIP

Decide what to see in the project

Locating assets in the project

Find clips from the Timeline

Advanced search

Use labels to quickly find stuff in timelines and bins

Organizing with keywords

Decide what to do with your audio

Do you use dual system audio?

Use a plug-in if you do this often

Backup again

Do it!

The rough cut

To Hover Scrub, or not to Hover Scrub


Some tips

Reorganize the clips after Storyboarding

Top & Tail editing

Top & Tail in action

Works best on simple timelines

Quick navigation in the timeline

Keep notes inside of Premiere

Trimming and fine tuning

Trim Mode

Keyboard Shortcuts for Trimming

Play Around and tweak

Dynamic trimming

Trim mode makes you a better editor

Avoid long timelines – use nesting

Short sequences – more done, quicker

Each nested sequence is a mini-story

How many sequences?

Another real-world nesting case

Nesting and re-structuring

Nesting gotchas

No indication of extra material in nested sequence

Danger stripes in the main timeline

No Audio Waveforms until you render

Third-party software may need a flattened sequence

Use Grouping when Nesting is not an option

Make it shine

Color grading

Effects and compositing

Template projects for most used compositing effects

Motion Graphics

Template projects for most used graphics and animations

Sound mix

Get a second opinion


Organized timeline helps export

Making a Master File

Export to Blu-ray and DVD

For playback on Mac and PC

For the Web

Putting it on the Shelf

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