PDF chapter on Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro

Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro

Finally, the fourth chapter from The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro is ready for download! Using the techniques explained in this chapter will let you stay within Premiere Pro and still create professional looking motion graphics!

Download the PDF file below and learn everything about Lower Thirds, End Credits, Rolling Titles, Picture-in-Picture, Animated Travel Routes, Video in a Comic Book, Grungy Image Frames, Photos on boards, Reflections, Text Techniques, Motion Graphics for Non-Standard Screens, Split Screens , and much, much more!

Update July 2017: This chapter is no longer available

The updated version of The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro will be available this September, and the single chapters from the 2015 version are no longer available. See the web page for the updated book here.


You’ll learn how to build the Cover Flow template on PremierePro.net, how to make sure your end credits always are rolling smoothly, and why the Track Matte Key is our best friend.

You’ll unlock the power of the seemingly basic Titler Tool, and learn lots of time-saving techniques. All the motion graphics in this video were created entirely inside of Premiere Pro – even the Cover Flow that displays all of them. In this 84-page chapter, you’ll learn how to create all these effects.

Download the chapter now! Only NOK 50.00 (about US $9.00) for 84 pages.

You’ll be sent an e-mail with a personal download link.

This chapter is now obsolete. The chapter has been updated to cover more features added to Premiere Pro since this was released, and is now part of the book. Read more about The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro here.

Sorry, this chapter is no longer available

The updated version of The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro will be available this September, and the single chapters from the 2015 version are no longer available. See the web page for the updated book here.

This chapter was downloaded 178 times before it went EOL.


Table of contents

A few workflow tips before we start

The Building Blocks of Motion Graphics
Grab Kuler Colors
Use Grids
Track Matte Key
Blending modes
The Titler
Some useful Effects

Animating a path on a Map

Making a vintage map
Drawing the route
Tweaking the keyframe interpolation
Add some 3D movement
Road trip
Reveal text (dashes) with Write-On

Rotating Earth

Adjust the clouds
Create a planet in space
Improve the look

Image inside of text

What’s up with the scaling?

Comic book video presentation

Make video mattes
Place the video
Sequence the videos
Animate it in 3D

A grungy frame for stills and video

Background Texture
Frame it
Nest the images

Band-Aid holds images

Notepad paper

Background Texture
Notepad Paper Matte
Paper Texture
Push Pin
Complete Notepad Paper
Image Frame
Crimped Corners
Final Composite

Polaroid images on cork board

Grab a cork board
Make Polaroid Image Frames
Crop the photos
Put them on the cork board
Take it further
Embossed Labels

Dangling Sign

Create a wooden board
Add text
Add Strings
Put it all together and animate


Start with a background and a source
Make a new sequence, double height
Put it all together
Add a frame

Cover Flow

Nesting for ease of use and extra features
Solving the 3D problem
Wrapping up
Use any material



Lower Thirds

Use templates
Make copies
Use a dedicated workspace
Short version
Some samples
Generate stuff
Put logos on separate layers
Use Photoshop to automate Title creation

End Credits

Pro’s use more interesting fonts
Pro’s use simple color schemes
Pro’s use smaller font sizes
How do we get Smooth rolling?
Watch it at the correct frame rate
Fast motion causes strobing
Sub-pixel positioning may cause flicker
Do the Math
Add Ease at the end
Set the Interpolation
Use this as a template
Does it have to roll?


Create subtitles in Premiere
Make the ghost box
Make a text template
Combine them in the timeline
Creating subtitles with third-party software
Belle Nuit
Annotation Edit
AHD Subtitles Maker Professional
Subtitle Edit
What to do with the exported subtitles file
EZTitles Plug-in

Text Techniques in the Titler

Set your favorite font as the default
Animate your text effects
Glowing text
Hofzinser text
Slant it
Simple slanted title
A more advanced slanted title
Texturize it
Texturized background
Texturized text
Texture-abused text
Add some Bounce
Add some 3D
Basic 3D with Titles
Computer gibberish
Word clouds

Titler Tips

Think BIG
Use Align & Distribute
Do the math
Copy smart
Move the Anchor Point to a good position
Use an Invisible Twin
Use integers in sizes and positions
Use the Shape tools as a starting point
Copy Color the easy way
Center your titles if you animate them
Save a title with special characters

The Titler – So much more than Text

Can you draw it in the Titler?
Create a Balloon
Shiny buttons
Easy Button
Simple Text Box with rounded corners
Magazine style text box

Motion Graphics for Non-Standard Screens

Vertical Screen Ads
Stadium Advertising LED banners
Clear Channel 2 screen set-up
Video for any screen

Split Screens and PiPs

Split Screen basics
Vertical split collage
Making the mattes
Placing clips in nested sequences
Stack it all
Add animation (optional)
Nice and tidy many-ups
Picture in Picture (PiP)
The standard News 2-up
Snapshots project
3D and frames
More advanced split screens
Split Screen dots
Slanted split



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  1. Bic says:

    The $9.00 fee fee for U.S. buyers seems to be unavailable at time of purchase, the 50.00 NOK seems to only appear. What is the right price for the motion flow design. I cannot use my credit card if the price says something erroneous.

    • Hi, the Norwegian Krone has dropped significantly the last few weeks, due to low oil prices. The current price (2014.01.05) converted to dollars is USD 6.56. If you want to pay USD 9 instead of USD 6.56 – please send me an e-mail, and we can figure it out. 🙂 Otherwise, just place your order now.

  2. Marcus says:

    Are any of the premiere files included, like templates for the first image with the target?



  3. Abdulrahman M Alzahrani says:

    for all of the learner like me. it is not worth to look to the words and picture that you don’t have it. so i am not recommending the PDF file without template. you will just waste your money !!

    • Hi Abdulrahman, you’re of course entitled to have your own opinion, but I’m surprised that you can come to that conclusion just half an hour after buying the chapter. It wouldn’t be possible to download it, read all 84 pages, and try any techniques in that time. There are step-by-step explanations of the techniques with more than 400 images. You don’t need to have my source files (video and still iamges) for the techniques to work, you can use your own. If you actually try to follow them, I’m sure you’ll succeed.

  4. Tibob says:

    I jumped and downloaded it paying the small fee. I am sort of NOT advanced user and seeing the video led me to believe that those templates are the ones I was actually purchasing rather than an e-book on how to create them, using textures and other background files I know I will never find.

    But Jarle, I learn so much from you and even downloaded 1 Title Collection free of charge from you that the small fee is JUSTIFIED. Thank you, even though I know I will not have much use for the book since I’m too far off your learning curve. LOL

  5. nisath says:

    thank you very much for teaching about plugins and editing process, then please send me free plugin links.

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